Elocution – isn’t that an outdated term?

Yes, the name is, but the concept is as relevant as ever.

The term elocution can conjure up images of old-fashioned stiffness and correctness, which is certainly NOT what we do!

Elocution is essentially speech clarity and eloquence, whatever your accent.

Elocution training is right for you if:

  • people often ask you to repeat yourself
  • you are often told you rush or speak too fast
  • you have noticed, or you have had feedback that you mumble
  • there are certain words or sounds which you tend to stumble over

What happens in an elocution session?

We work physically with the mouth. You will learn to position your mouth muscles to achieve more precise and effective positioning of the lips, tongue and jaw.

You will be given practice materials and exercises, as well as tips on how to integrate your learning into your everyday speech to make a real difference to your interactions.

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