ABOUT your voice

Man producing sounds during voice training

Your speaking voice is unique. I guide you to access its full power, potential and variety so it reflects the authentic you, helping you get your ideas across with clarity and confidence.

Case study: Maria* gets told she ‘speaks too fast’ and people ask her to repeat herself a lot. She tries to slow down but forgets when she is caught up in the moment and focusing on getting her message across. This leads to frustration on both sides. However, Maria doesn’t have to be forever defined as someone who speaks too fast, it just means that rapid speech is her habit. Working with me, Maria learns practical, reliable techniques to manage her pace and clarity, using them in real-life situations when she needs to. Over time and with practice, she feels confident that she has the tools to be understood easily when it matters.

You might be like Maria, or you might want to:

  • speak more clearly
  • sound more engaging/engaged
  • get heard more easily across a room
  • trust your voice more
  • stop running out of breath
  • stop trailing off at the ends of sentences
  • access a fuller vocal tone that you feel represents you more
  • develop clearer pronunciation and/or work on an accent
  • work on a combination of the above!

You might be a native or non-native English speaker.

I help you with the above and more in a one-to-one setting (online or in person) in a programme that is completely tailored to you.

If you are a non-native English speaker interested in pronunciation training, you may like Pronunciation Circle, my online pronunciation course and community. 

Not sure where to start or prefer to have a chat first? Contact me here or at sonya@vocalchoice.co.uk

Looking forward to helping you get started on your vocal journey!

*Maria doesn’t exist, but her story is shared by many of my clients.

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