Pronunciation & accent training is for you if English is not your first language, and:

  • you speak English well but feel less confident about pronunciation
  • people often ask you to repeat yourself in English, and you want this to happen less
  • you need people to hear your message first, accent later
  • you want structure and guidance around pronunciation rather than ‘hoping for the best’
  • you feel you might ‘speak too fast’ but you don’t really know how to change this!
  • there are certain words and/or phrases that you find challenging to pronounce, even to the point of avoiding them

What happens in a session?

On a one-to-one programme, you’ll have your own personal learning plan.

We’ll work on the vowels, consonants and aspects of English rhythm and intonation that you need to work on.

You will learn new mouth positions and speech patterns, and you’ll leave each session with practical tools that you can use in real-life interactions.

What are the outcomes?

That depends on your individual objective, which we will set out clearly at the beginning of a one-to-one programme and refer back to throughout.

Some people simply want to be as clear as possible in English, which we can absolutely do in any accent.

Equally, you may want to work towards close-to-native English pronunciation. Many past clients have told me this is a long-held personal goal, and if this is the case for you, I’m happy to help.

This training is not about ‘getting rid of’ an accent. Even if you gain a new accent, you’ve just added another choice; nothing is eradicated. I called my company Vocal Choice because I want to help people have more choice in the way they speak, not less!

Many previous clients have reported improved clarity and increased confidence as well as smoother, more efficient interactions in the workplace and everyday life.

Everyone is different:

A phonetics book or self-study course can give a description of an English vowel or consonant, but it doesn’t know your unique starting point.

Example: some people need to round their lips more for the vowel in HOT, some less. It’s my job as a coach to make you aware of your habits and give you personalised guidance to move towards lasting success.

You also save time this way.

Your independent practice

Your results will be better and quicker when you practise independently between sessions!

10-15 minutes per day of meaningful practice is enough, as well as using your learning into real conversations.

I’ll always give you clear guidance on how to do this.

Learning materials

For every learning point we cover, you’ll receive practice worksheets packed full of exercises and practice drills, with audio and video demonstrations.

You’ll never be lost for inspiration between sessions!

ACCENT TRAINING FOR Native Speakers of English

If English is your first language and you would like to learn a different accent, I can help!  

Whether you are an actor or just want to explore another accent choice for your own reasons, acquiring a different accent can be both practical and fun,

I work in a British English model. For American English accent training, I recommend Kara Tsiaperas at US Accents.

What previous clients say