Accent Reduction

Individual accent reduction training for non-native speakers of English – London & Worldwide

If English is not your first language, and…

  • you speak it well , but you often feel unsure about pronunciation
  • you are asked to repeat yourself more often than you would like
  • you finally want to nail the difference between seat/sit; cut/cat; law/low; walk/work (among many others!)
  • you want guidance and structure around your pronunciation, instead of just hoping for the best
  • you want people to focus on your message, not your accent

…then this training is right for you!

So what actually happens in Accent Reduction training?

You will work towards clear, flexible pronunciation by mastering the vowels, consonants and rhythms of English.

You will receive practical, personalised guidance to achieve the precise mouth positions and movements of English sounds.

The one-to-one sessions focus on the sounds you need to work on, so you can be confident your training time is optimised.

What makes this training particularly valuable?

Our approach takes into account the unique speech habits of each learner. 

Your voice trainer is skilled at identifying these and will design tips for you to attain certain sounds based on your personal starting point. 

One-to-one sessions focus on the points you need to work on, so you can be confident your training time is optimised.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes, you will need to do some independent practice between voice training sessions! You will receive clear guidance and tasks for this – it only needs to take 10 minutes per day, plus of course integration of what you have learned into real conversations. 

Previous clients report increased confidence in speaking English, as well as smoother interactions in the workplace and everyday life. Read testimonials from clients who took accent reduction classes with us.

Accent reduction sessions are supplemented by comprehensive practice worksheets, audio and video.

ACCENT TRAINING FOR Native Speakers of English

If English is your first language and you would like to explore different accent choices, we can certainly do this!  Exploring different accent choices can be both practical and fun, and the reasons for wanting to explore another accent vary between individuals. Contact Sonya for a chat to find out more. 


To learn an American English accent, contact Kara Tsiaperas at US Accents.

What previous clients say

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