Online English pronunciation Course

Pronunciation Jump-start

Build a solid foundation of clear English pronunciation

A guided self-study online English pronunciation course with clear daily tasks for real-life results.

About this course

English is not your first language, but you speak it well. You use English every day: Zoom calls, meetings, presentations, socialising…

However, English pronunciation is sometimes a challenge. Often, people ask you to repeat yourself: in the middle of explaining a great idea you’ve heard the dreaded ‘Sorry, could you repeat that?’ more times than you would like. Or, you can just sense that your listeners sometimes miss key parts of what you said.

Annoying, isn’t it?

Yet, it’s not every day. Sometimes you have a ‘good pronunciation day’ and sometimes a not-so-good one. I want to help you gain some control over that, so you can switch on your clearest pronunciation at the moments you need it most.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with thousands of clients in exactly this situation. In almost every case, we’ve worked on 4 key areas to achieve the goal of reliably clear English pronunciation, regardless of their first language.

I wanted to share these 4 areas with you, so I’ve created this online English pronunciation course to help you:

  • create a solid foundation for clear English pronunciation
  • be able to ‘switch’ on your learning when you need it so that you take control of your pronunciation, rather than just hoping for the best
  • be understood first time, most of the time
  • know how to correct yourself if someone misunderstands you
  • build a lifelong learning system based on the words you use often

All of this results in smoother interactions, saved time and increased confidence in your spoken English.

Read my blog on the aims and benefits of accent reduction training.

How is the course organised?

Pronunciation Jump-Start is a 4-week self-study English pronunciation and accent reduction course designed as one module per week: short daily video lessons Monday-Friday. Each lesson has accompanying PDFs for handy reference and audio recordings for on-the-go support.

This accent reduction course is right for you if:

  • you are a non-native speaker of English and people often ask you to repeat yourself 
  • you want to sound clearer and feel more confident in English to save time and have smoother interactions
  • you are ready to build a solid foundation in English pronunciation, starting with clarity, rhythm and intonation
  • you are motivated to see results by doing the required daily practice tasks!
  • you can spare a minimum of 20 minutes per day to focus and practise