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Accent Training for Native English Speakers


If English is your first language and you would like to learn a different accent, I can help! 

Whether you are an actor or just want to explore another accent choice for your own reasons, acquiring a different accent can be both useful and fun.

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I work in a British English model. For American English accent training, I recommend Kara Tsiaperas at US Accents.



Alessandro Sacco
Alessandro Sacco
I've been working with Sonya over the last 15 months and I could not be more satisfied! She is incredibly good in terms of clarity and strategy based on specific requirements. I feel way more confident in terms of pronunciation, quality of my speech, intonation and pace. Highly recommended especially if you work in sales or jobs where you need to speak English on a daily basis!
Stefania Barbaglio
Stefania Barbaglio
The best place to work on your language skills- not only if English is your second language but also if you are a native speaker. Sonya is very professional and experienced. Highly recommended!