ONE-TO-ONE sessions

Pronunciation and accent training may be for you if English is not your first language, and:

  • you speak English well but feel less confident about pronunciation
  • people often ask you to repeat yourself in English
  • people misunderstand certain words you say and you aren’t sure what’s going wrong
  • you feel you ‘speak too fast’ and trying to ‘slow down’ just doesn’t work
  • you avoid certain words or phrases because you find them difficult to pronounce
  • you want to improve rhythm and intonation in English but it all seems a bit vague
  • the difference between seat and sit (or another pair of words) is a mystery
  • you want people to hear your message first, accent later
  • you’ve tried pronunciation training before but it was too generic
  • you’ve watched YouTube videos about pronunciation but you don’t know how to implement what you’ve learned
  • you need clear structure and guidance around pronunciation rather than ‘hoping for the best’

I’ve helped thousands of people like you with all of this and more. Read on to find out how the training works…

What happens in pronunciation and accent training?

In one-to-one training, we start with an introductory session for you to experience the work and discuss objectives. If you decide to continue, I’ll create your personal learning plan.

We work on the vowels, consonants and aspects of English rhythm and intonation that make the biggest difference to your pronunciation.

You learn new mouth positions and movements, and you’ll leave each session with a new awareness of your mouth muscles, their habits and your new choices!

You get practice tasks between the sessions, supported by my worksheets, audio and video materials.

What are the outcomes of pronunciation and accent training?

That depends on the objectives we set up at the beginning. You might just want to sound as clear as possible in English while maintaining your unique accent, or you might want to aim for near-native English accent. Both are valid, as is anything in between!

By the end of your training, you will be able to:

  • accurately pronounce English vowels and consonants that were previously challenging
  • apply them to the words and phrases you use most often
  • confidently produce these new sounds when they come up spontaneously in everyday conversation
  • correct yourself on the spot if appropriate and necessary
  • switch on a clear, definite English pronunciation mode at will (I call this the ‘new choice’) that is distinct from your previous habit
  • feel confident that you have a reliable pronunciation toolbox to use when you need it!

See what previous clients say!

Why one to one sessions?

Everyone is different. A textbook description of a vowel or consonant may be informative, but it can’t take into account your unique starting point and the specific adjustments you need to make in your mouth to achieve the sound in question.

For example, some people need to round their lips more for the vowel in HOT, some less. It’s my job as a coach to observe your habits, make you aware of them, and give you personalised guidance to move towards accurate pronunciation that lasts.

You also save time this way.

Your independent practice

This is important! Your results will be quicker, more noticeable and longer-lasting when you practise independently between sessions.

This doesn’t have to take hours! I encourage 10-15 minutes per day of meaningful practice, as well as using what you’ve learned in real-life interactions.

I’ll always give you clear guidance on how to do this.


For every learning point we cover, you’ll receive practice worksheets packed full of exercises and practice drills, with audio and video demonstrations.

You’ll never be lost for inspiration between sessions!

Accent training for native English speakers

If English is your first language and you would like to learn a different accent, I can help! 

Whether you are an actor or just want to explore another accent choice for your own reasons, acquiring a different accent can be both useful and fun.

I work in a British English model. For American English accent training, I recommend Kara Tsiaperas at US Accents.

What previous clients say