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The pronunciation course you’ve been looking for…

You’re a fluent, confident non-native English speaker with one challenge: pronunciation.

You use English every day and you speak it well, but you feel less confident about pronunciation. Certain sounds or words are just confusing, you’re not sure how to link your phrases together well so things flow…and what in the world is going on with English intonation?!

People might sometimes even misunderstand you, which is frustrating, especially in situations where you have to get your valuable message across first time with clarity and impact.

You may have taken English pronunciation courses before and learned some useful things, but it’s hard to apply them to real life. More than information, you need clear, actionable guidance. 

Life is busier than ever, so it’s hard to commit to a weekly evening class. One-to-one sessions sound nice but they’re a high investment. Free YouTube videos are interesting, but you don’t know where to start and it’s hard to make any progress alone!

You need clear, easy-to-follow tutorials, feedback and practical exercises that don’t cost the earth and that you can access at your convenience.

Enter Pronunciation Circle, where you’ll find all this and more.