Voice training


Online Classes

Voice training is for you if:

  • you feel you aren’t heard or your voice doesn’t ‘carry’
  • people often ask you to slow down or repeat yourself 
  • you feel like you run out of breath when you talk
  • your voice sometimes ‘breaks’ or weakens, especially at stressful times
  • you would like to have more control over the sound, tone and strength of your voice
  • you’ve used the words ‘monotone’ or ‘mumble’ to describe your voice
  • your voice feels tired or strained when you have been talking for some time or in noisy environments (contrary to popular belief, this is not inevitable)
  • you feel that the quality of your voice doesn’t quite match the real you
  • you don’t quite feel fully ‘present’ when you speak
  • you know there is a stronger, more confident voice inside you and you are ready to unlock it!

What happens in a voice training session?

We work on what you need, to meet your personal and professional objectives. 

Typically, we might work with the body, breath and mouth muscles to free up your voice and make sure you are heard! You’ll discover the habits that may be holding back the full potential of your voice, and get a practical toolbox of exercises to help you reach your vocal potential.

We might also develop the variety and flow of the voice so you get your valuable message across clearly, with impact.

We always start with a thorough analysis in the introductory session, then set clear objectives so that you know what to expect.

Previous clients say they experience more ease, confidence and impact in professional and personal communication. 

Is voice training the same as elocution lessons?

Yes and no. Elocution is a pretty old-fashioned term these days, but if clear speech is your objective, voice training will cover some of what used to be called elocution. These days, we don’t impose any kind of ‘ideal voice’: I help you sound like you at your clearest and most engaging! See my blog post on elocution.