Voice training

Are you ready to explore the potential of your speaking voice?

Individual voice training can help you find and release your own, free, strong, reliable voice – a voice which does your words justice and delivers your message with gravitas and variety.

Who is voice training for?

This training is right for you if:

  • you are often asked to repeat yourself or ‘speak up’
  • your voice feels weaker, higher or ‘smaller’ than you’d like it to
  • people often ask you to slow down when you speak
  • your voice sometimes ‘breaks’ or fails you, especially at stressful times
  • you would like to have more control over the sound, tone and strength of your voice
  • your voice feels tired or strained when you have been talking for a some time or in noisy environments
  • you feel the sound of your voice doesn’t quite match the real you
  • you just know there is a strong, confident, impactful voice hiding inside you and you are ready to unlock it!

What happens in a voice training session?

We work physically: on your body posture, breathing habits, and any muscle tensions you may be carrying. Everyone’s vocal profile is different, so the training always begins with a thorough vocal analysis and setting of objectives. 

In each session, you will work through a bespoke combination of relaxation techniques, body awareness, breathing exercises and vocal sequences designed to help you optimise your vocal potential. The training will equip you with a practical toolbox for life, and of course much more choice around the way you speak!

Our voice training sessions are based in London or worldwide via Skype.

Previous clients have reported that their voices flow more freely, leading to greater ease, confidence and impact in professional and personal communication. Read testimonials of clients who have taken voice training sessions with Sonya.

Is voice training the same as elocution lessons?

In principle, yes. Elocution lessons focus on speech clarity and articulation, whatever your accent. The term elocution is a bit old-fashioned these days but voice training sessions do cover what used to be called elocution.

What previous clients say

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