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Sonya Ross, Founder of Vocal Choice and voice coach

Areas of Training




English Pronunciation

For you if:

  • English is not your first language
  • You speak English well, but feel less confident about pronunciation
  • People often ask you to repeat yourself in English

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Voice Training

Man producing sounds during voice training

For you if:

  • You feel you aren’t heard or your voice doesn’t ‘carry’
  • You would like to have more control over the sound, tone and strength of your voice
  • You feel the quality of your voice doesn’t quite match the real you

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Accent For Actors

For you if:

  • You are an actor – or student actor – looking to perfect your RP or other UK accents.







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What People Are Saying




Extremely useful

I found my ten sessions with Sonya extremely useful as they provided me with many skills to improve the clarity and range of my voice as well as techniques to improve my pronunciation. Sonya developed a very structured plan, including regular practice and homework, and by the end of the ten sessions, I was provided with advice and techniques that covered all of my initial concerns. I would highly recommend Sonya as a voice coach!

David S – native English speaker, July 2021

I would recommend her in a heartbeat

I am very glad I found Sonya to help me improve my pronunciation. As a Native Spanish speaker, I had old habits and sounds that Sonya help me bring awareness and the right methods to correct it. I am happy with the journey as it was very pleasant to work with her and I quite enjoyed the lessons. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Rebeca – native Spanish speaker, July 2020

Sonya Ross, Founder of Vocal Choice and voice coach

About Me



I’m Sonya, and since completing my MA in Voice Studies in 2006, I’ve helped thousands of people from a variety of backgrounds to make the most of their speaking voice.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in voice, language and accents and was often found ‘doing funny voices’ as a child, so it’s no surprise I ended up doing this job!

Before I was a voice coach, I was a Business English teacher in France. I speak French and I know what it’s like to be on the learner’s side of pronunciation training! I’m originally from the Highlands of Scotland and have a few different English accents under my belt.

I’m based between London and Hastings, East Sussex. In my free time, I walk, sing*, read, write and travel.

*I am not a singing teacher in any way but I do enjoy singing for fun!


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