In principle, yes. Elocution lessons focus on speech clarity and articulation, whatever your accent. The term elocution is a bit old-fashioned these days but voice training sessions do cover what used to be called elocution.

You will learn how to position your lips, tongue and jaw differently to produce new sounds. Depending on the objectives and the stage of learning, we use audio and video recording, mirrors, reading aloud from specially designed materials, and free(r) speech exercises. You will usually be sitting.
We might look at your posture/alignment, breathing habits (this is a big one!), and any habitual tensions you may have that are restricting your vocal potential. It’s often about relaxing. We might move between sitting, standing, or lying down on a yoga mat.

Sonya Ross is a professional voice coach, and the founder and main trainer of Vocal Choice. Read more about Sonya’s professional qualifications on the About page.

Usually one hour, but we can arrange longer (or shorter, if by Skype) sessions if that suits your schedule and objectives.

​The most common option is one session per week, which tends to work best for busy professionals. We’ve found that one week is long enough for you to practise (important!) but short enough for you to keep up momentum.

If you have a more flexible schedule, or are just visiting London, we can arrange intensive or semi-intensive programmes.

Yes. Sonya has created a comprehensive set of materials to support your training. These include worksheets, audio and video.

Yes. Your results will be infinitely more impressive if you practise! We recommend at least 5-10 mins per day, as well as structured awareness of certain aspects of your speech throughout the day. The main objective is to create new muscle memory, so the more you use the new habit, the sooner it will really feel like part of you.

Not quite yet, but it’s coming soon! Please contact Sonya to register your interest in an e-course.

We have designed the current materials to be used in conjunction with face-to- face or Skype training.

24 hours’ notice. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before they are scheduled to start will be counted as taken.
Of course! We generally start with a standalone introductory session, which serves as a ‘taster’ for you, as well as a chance for Sonya to assess your needs fully.
Not a full session, I’m afraid, but we can arrange a 10-minute phone or Skype call free of charge for us to ‘meet’ and discuss any questions you may have about the training.

No open group classes at the moment: only one-to-one sessions.

However, ‘closed groups’ can be arranged by prior discussion for 2-4 colleagues or friends with similar objectives. Please contact Sonya (hyperlink) for availability and fees.

If you are based in the UK, payment is by bank transfer. Once your session or package is confirmed, you will receive an invoice with the relevant bank details. If you are based outside the UK and/or do not have a UK bank account, payment is taken by PayPal, details of which will be on the invoice.

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