Frequently asked questions

Sometimes. Elocution is an old-fashioned term these days, but it means focusing on speech clarity and articulation, whatever your accent. 

Your one-to-one training is always personalised: we establish very clear objectives right at the beginning and your programme will be all about you and your goals.

You will learn how to position your lips, tongue and jaw differently to produce new sounds! Depending on your learning style, we may also use audio and video recordings, mirrors, reading aloud from specially designed materials, and real conversation practice with on-the-spot coaching. 

We also work on the aspects of rhythm (stress and intonation) that YOU need.

It’s all about your personal goals.

We work on the voice in the context of the whole body, addressing unhelpful tensions and breathing habits. It’s often about relaxing!

We do practical exercises for you to discover your vocal potential and take that out into the real world.

We might move between sitting, standing, or lying down on a yoga mat.

Sonya Ross – professional qualifications:

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in Phonetics – First Class (2008)

MA Voice Studies, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2006)

MA English Language, University of Edinburgh (2001)

Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (2001)

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One hour – it tends to work best for voice and accent work. However, if you’d like to discuss longer sessions or a more intensive programme, get in touch!

Weekly works best for busy professionals. A week is long enough for you to practise but short enough for you to keep up momentum.

If you have a more flexible schedule, or are just visiting London, we can arrange intensive or semi-intensive programmes. Get in touch to arrange the best schedule for you!

Yes, I’ve created a comprehensive set of materials to support your training. These include worksheets, audio and video, for both accent reduction and voice work.

Oh yes! The more you practise, the better your results. 

For both accent reduction and voice work, you’ll have specific exercises, tasks and clear guidance around implementing your learning into your real speech.

It doesn’t have to take ages: 10 minutes of focused practice per day is much better than an hour once per week!

One-to-one training is supported by a full set of materials (PDFs, audio  and video files).

If you prefer a self-study model, my online course Pronunciation Jump-start is now available for enrolment. 

No, currently all sessions are one-to-one and via Zoom.

Self-study online courses are also available.

24 hours. Sessions from packages cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be counted as taken.

Not a full session, I’m afraid, but we can arrange a free 15-minute phone or Zoom call to discuss your needs. Get in touch to schedule this!

To get an idea of my teaching style, you’re welcome to join my LinkedIn group or Facebook group, where I post regular videos.

Of course, I encourage this! We generally start with a introductory session, which is a ‘taster’ for you, and a chance for me to assess your needs fully. 

If you decide to continue the training afterwards, I create a bespoke learning plan based on the information gathered in the introductory session.

For one-to-one training, you can see the full fee structure here.

A more economical option is my self-study online course Pronunciation Jump-start at £49.

Once we have arranged our session(s), I will issue you an invoice, which is due to be settled 24 hours before the (first) session.

Payment can be made by bank transfer (from a UK bank account), by credit card via iZettle payment link, or by PayPal.


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