Successful Speaking

Speak clearly, confidently and effectively with your one-to-one coaching programme, tailored 100% to you.

Woman speaking loudly and clearly

Does the way you speak hold you back?

When it comes to presenting or speaking in meetings, you feel that something is missing in your vocal delivery. People ask you to repeat, look confused or seem disengaged.

At best, this is disheartening and at worst, may even make you lose deals or avoid speaking opportunities in the first place.

The thing is, you know what you’re talking about. You just need to express your ideas verbally in a way that is as clear, concise and compelling as they are in your head.

You have an idea of what’s ‘wrong’: you speak too fast, not clearly enough, in a monotone way, keep running out of breath when you speak, mind goes blank…

You’re probably even come to read this via the Vocal Confidence or English Pronunciation pages, and recognised yourself there.

You’ve tried it all: YouTube videos, books, a few sessions a couple of years ago that gave you knowledge but not much practical improvement, public speaking courses that focus more on mindset and image than the voice itself. 

What you need now is practical, personalised guidance that helps you make the most of your natural, authentic eloquence (I promise it’s there) in a way that feels new, but right and real.

You’re ready to lay the solid foundations for successful speaking, while still sounding like yourself.

Imagine walking into your next meeting knowing you’ll get your valuable ideas across in a way that people engage with and follow with ease, making you more likely to walk away with the result you wanted.

Enter the Successful Speaking programme…

Best investment ever! Being able to speak clearly boosted my confidence sky-high in general, and helped me succeed in several work-related and life projects. – Mikhail, November 2023

Successful Speaking is your one-to-one coaching programme that helps you speak with clarity and confidence at work and in life.

Working with me over three months, you’ll follow a tailored a sequence of learning points to help you speak more clearly, confidently and effectively.

Depending on your goals and unique starting point, the programme will be a blend of voice, speech and/or pronunciation points.

Even better – you’ll be guided every step of the way on how to practise and implement your learning, building a practical toolbox of techniques and new habits that will last.

Successful Speaking is for you if:

You are ready to build solid, lasting vocal habits that will enable you to get your valuable ideas across with ease and impact.

You have no idea where to start by yourself OR what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked in a lasting way.

You have around 2 hours per week to dedicate to this over three months (1 x 60-minute coaching session + short, independent practice sessions 5 days per week).

How is the programme structured?

We start by defining your goals and carrying out an assessment on a free Clarity Call, and maybe even a Kick-Start session.

If you then decide to sign up for Successful Speaking, I’ll draw up your personalised plan, which will consist of 7-8 learning points.

Your main coaching takes place over 10 x 1-hour Zoom sessions over three months. I recommend weekly sessions, which allows for time to practise in between. You’ll be clearly guided on how to practise, don’t worry!

Each of the first 7-8 sessions will focus on one learning point, while the final 2-3 sessions will focus more on review and implementation.

Between sessions, you have as much WhatsApp contact with me as you need (text or voice note). This helps you get feedback on your practice tasks or another short speech, or even check the pronunciation of a word you aren’t sure of.

You’ll also have access to a comprehensive (and growing!) library of content that I have created to support your learning. Make no mistake, this is NOT a self-study course – I’ll always direct you to the specific sections you need to focus on. What’s more, you’ll have lifelong access to this library once your programme has finished.

Your investment? A single payment of £1250. 

This includes:

  • 10 x one-to-one coaching sessions with me on Zoom, over three months.
  • Contact with me for feedback and support between sessions.
  • Lifelong access to a comprehensive content library to refer to when you need.

Next steps:

  1. Book your free, 20-minute Clarity Call to define your objectives and build a picture of how to reach them!
  2. Optional: Have a Kick-Start session to experience working with me.
  3. Already done 1 and/or 2 and just want to get on with Successful Speaking? Email me: and we’ll get started!