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Sonya Ross is the founder and main voice coach of Vocal Choice, named after her firm belief that voice training is really all about gaining more choice in the way we speak.

Just like we train ourselves to think outside the box, sometimes our voices get stuck in boxes, or rigid habits, too. Working with hundreds of clients over the years, Sonya has seen time and time again that exploring new habits in breathing, body and mouth posture, pronunciation and intonation can help us discover fresh aspects of our voices and ourselves!


After completing her undergraduate degree in Edinburgh in 2001, Sonya spent four years teaching Business English in France, where she discovered and developed a passion and the fledgling skills for teaching pronunciation.

In 2005, she embarked on the renowned MA in Voice Studies at the Central School of Speech and Drama, at the time the only qualification of its kind in the UK: a rigorous and demanding course comprising in-depth study of vocal anatomy and physiology, pedagogy, phonetics, and personal vocal practice.

After completing her MA, Sonya spent some years teaching in drama schools and voice coaching organisations. She now works independently as a voice coach in London, and over the years has helped hundreds of clients gain more choice and control over all aspects of their spoken voice.

Her clients are everyone: financial services professionals, entrepreneurs, insurance, sales and PR executives, lawyers, medical professionals, musicians and actors, to name but a few. She has been through the accent reduction process herself while learning French over the years, as well as undergoing thorough analysis and training of her own voice during her MA, so she empathises very much with being in the learner’s shoes.

Her coaching style has been described by her clients as thorough, patient, enjoyable and most importantly, effective. She is a bit of a ‘geek’ for all things phonetics and voice related, so her enthusiasm for her subject is infectious!

Sonya lives in north London and in her spare time she is a keen reader, writer, walker and animal lover.

Have a look at Sonya’s accent reduction and voice training sessions – based in London, teaching worldwide.

Sonya Ross, Founder of Vocal Choice and voice coach

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